Artist Statement : Paul Woods

Working mainly in photography currently I have exhibited in New York world cultural centre in a group show submitting images through the internet. Also working in illustration , a collaborative project in America again with a Spanish/English speaking poet I again submitted images digitally while keeping the originals and having my first solo show in Listowel St. Johns arts centre. Working in digital collage and later drawing with black ball point pen. I am of the belief if Leonardo Da Vinci was around he would draw with a bic pen and while in Italy a couple of years ago I walked into a shop and asked for a pen and received a bic – this made me smile.
I work in digital media film and animation and audio visual web based media. I have been working on a stereo 3d short animation for a number of years written and directed by my myself collaborating with a number of musicians eventually I will display this on 35mm film and digital formats. I am a self taught 3d artist.
I see my work going in many directions but always involving computers even though it is sometimes a great relief to switch them off and have nothing but a pen and paper to work with. Painting, printmaking, drawing and photography are my first loves – photography and unexpected addition to my skill set I joined the Listowel camera club over 3 years ago and have benefited greatly from their expertise in the field.
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