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Stord, Norway

I am an Illustrator, comic artist and creator and musician/singer/songwriter. I come from the windy west coast of Norway. Rock’n...

Ready,steady go

So now I have spent some time getting to know this place, and I must say I like what I see.
There is a lot going on, and the place has yet not been invaded by kids boosting each others pubertal creations, and telling seasoned illustrators, photographers and designers how they should go about doing their art.
And it seams to me, that “redbubble” look and feel a tad more serious and grown up than say, “threadless”: ore “deviantART”: , where kids rules the turf, and 50% of the art is amateurish crap and half finished sketches and ideas.
It is apparent that “redbubble” run a tighter ship, and there for have a nicer display.
The next couple of days, I will upload some more art and T-shirt designs. And I will spend more time looking around, give kudos, vote and put in a nice word here and there.
I hope the site will stay “grown up” in the future too, and that wee all get to expose, sell and generally have a f….. great time together everybody!.

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