Per Ove Sleen

Stord, Norway

I am an Illustrator, comic artist and creator and musician/singer/songwriter. I come from the windy west coast of Norway. Rock’n...

First day, new kid in town

This was my first day here,and I have already gotten a bunch of comments. I love feedback just like any artist, so this is great.
I have been trying different applications throughout but I am sorry to admit that so fare my efforts has bore no fruits.
RedBubble seams to be slightly different though, and this made me decide to give it another go.
Up until now, my income has been generated from jobs I have gotten through word of mouth among people up here were I live. But in a couple of month I plan to relocate big time, and I am moving to a place nobody knows me.
So to me it is now important to get more of my customers and sales through the internet.
I hope RedBubble can be a positive factor in my attempt to market myself online.
And by the way…. eh! hello everybody :-)

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