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adj [ˈpɜːfɪkt]
1. having all essential elements
2. unblemished; faultless a perfect gemstone
3. correct or precise perfect timing
4. utter or absolute a perfect stranger
5. excellent in all respects a perfect day
6. (Mathematics) Maths exactly divisible into equal integral or polynomial roots 36 is a perfect square
7. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Botany) Botany
a. (of flowers) having functional stamens and pistils
b. (of plants) having all parts present
8. (Linguistics / Grammar) Grammar denoting a tense of verbs used in describing an action that has been completed by the subject. In English this is a compound tense, formed with have or has plus the past participle
9. (Music, other) Music
a. of or relating to the intervals of the unison, fourth, fifth, and octave
b. (of a cadence) ending on the tonic chord, giving a feeling of conclusion Also full final Compare imperfect 6
10. Archaic positive certain, or assured
n [ˈpɜːfɪkt]
(Linguistics / Grammar) Grammar
a. the perfect tense
b. a verb in this tense
vb [pəˈfɛkt] (tr)
1. to make perfect; improve to one’s satisfaction he is in Paris to perfect his French
2. to make fully accomplished
3. (Communication Arts / Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) Printing to print the reverse side of (a printed sheet of paper)
[from Latin perfectus, from perficere to perform, from per through + facere to do]
perfectness n
Usage: For most of its meanings, the adjective perfect describes an absolute state, i.e. one that cannot be qualified; thus something is either perfect or not perfect, and cannot be more perfect or less perfect. However when perfect means excellent in all respects, a comparative can be used with it without absurdity: the next day the weather was even more perfect

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