The Lovely Flash Widget Thing

First of all, a big thank you RB for the lovely flash widget thing. It’s fab, and saved me a big chunk of time concocting something similar for my site.

I uploaded it to my web site and myspace page yesterday, & today I get an email from someone saying how much they loved one of my pics, and could they purchase it? “Woo-Flippin-Hoo!”, thought I. :o)

HOWEVER, she described the pic, and it didn’t sound like one of mine… curious I asked her where she’d seen it, and how long ago? Perhaps an old pic I’ve tired of and consigned back to disk. But when she told me what the image was, I recognized it as one of my RB faves.

Has anyone else found someone else’s pics on their flash widget? Is this a bizarre one-off glitch? Or praps did she stray off my site onto RB and end up in my favs? I’ve watched my home page for a while, as it fades pic to pic through my RB gallery, and haven’t found any other imposters…

But I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has had this happen

(Oh yes, I did confess, and sent her a link to the shoppy-page for the image she likes, (good for the karma!) and I will of course let the real artist know!)

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