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Liverpool, United States

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I miss everyone!

Now that summer is here, (something I long for all winter), I don’t have the time to dedicate to Redbubble like I did during the winter months. I miss everyone and try to come here as often as I can. I do continue to love photography but little things like life and responsibilities keep getting in the way. I will be back once things slow down a bit.

I have 3 of my images entered in a local art gallery and I am am very pumped about that. They said I could submit 3 entries and they would pick one and let me know which one it was that they wanted. When I got the phone call they said they liked my work so much that they wanted me to enter all of three of them. Have you ever tried to hold a scream of excitement in while chatting on the phone and trying to be all professional? (smile) That totally made my day.

I have been hired by a local real estate office to shoot exterior and interior photo’s of “cottages”, (they are mansions, trust me), in our local resort town of Eagles Mere. Those houses are amazing and that is one of the funnest jobs I have ever had.

Well I wanted to catch everyone up on what I have been doing and why I haven’t been on Redbubble very much. I continue to miss everyone and again, I will try to stop by as time affords me.

Be blessed!


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