Penny Hetherington

Skipton, Australia

I have been creating artworks for over the past 20 years or so. I am an artist who likes to explore art through different medium types...

My sketchbook appears in The Sketchbook Project Submission video

Late last month I posted off my completed sketchbook to the Brooklyn Art Library (Art House Co-Op) in New York and once the library received my book they sent me an email to say that my parcel had arrived to New York safely. What a relief!

About a week later I recieve another email from the Art House Co-Op requesting me to view a video the library had uploaded to Youtube. It was a video of all the latest submissions that the library had recently recieved. As I sat watching the video with my husband Andrew, he quickly spots (@ 0:20) my sketchbook being held up by one of the staff members during the recording. Even though my sketchbook was only shown for 2 seconds, it was still exciting to see it on camera. Unfortunately I never got the chance scan my sketchbook fully (except for the front cover) because the our scanner went on the blink and the due date was coming to a close. To see my book in the video was the next best thing!

Screenshots from video of my sketchbook

My book is on the left

This is the front cover (Things Found Under Car Seats):

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