The Base


When you have sexual intercourse with someone it is sometimes possible to inject your pain/past experiences inside them. Although both parties must feel the same feelings, for this action to take place. Majority of Humans are not aware of the power of SEX. When you plug into one another you can enter another world of power and control, you can see into their past and steal their blood of information.


We are all motivated by pleasure- we relate sex to pleasure, even though sex can make us feel low after the pleasure is received. Sex is just another drug, a familiar high with a left over wanting and craving of more. Sex can be emotional dynamite, although most men and some women use it has a tool. Sex is a tool and people are objects in the minds of these individuals. You can exploit others by using them as sexual objects. Both parties may have no clue they are exploiting one another.

loss of self esteem, with several sex partners is common. vicious cycle, that is hard to break. What if you weren’t losing your self worth, but your sexual partners were taking pieces of you. Sort of chipping away at your soul, some taking good memories others taking pain away. We have no clue who will take the bad and who will take the good away. We must make the risk of entering or being entered to find out the end result.

Human beings are clearly evolved for sex lives featuring multiple simultaneous sexual relationships. Some Humans handle anxieties by turning to drugs and alcohol, while others turn to sex. Sex is the best high I’ve ever felt, and after I get “high” I want it again.

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