What is it in a person eye? that say it all.
Who we are and what we are.
There no need to look any further than this to understand a person.

You can hide or run away but in your eyes, its everything.
Capturing a blink of a moment. A motion of just sight in frame. It unleash fear, love, beauty and light.

Is it a dreams?

standing high above the quite street in the dark on the rooftop stood a mysterious women. Nothing was heard beside the rain. As the tear drop ripple with the flow ,Thuder was in the cloud . lightning stormimg through the night sky gently.
she whisper to the moon,“unleashf” echoing smoothly through the small town.

Gentle breeze become vicious breeze blowing throough her sparkling hair. Rain fall harsely smashing the ground and earth. The quake begin rumbling everything on it plain.
The quite valley become a wreckage pile of flying rocks. Tree twril from left to right and around.

Noticing a small child from the window, dust was what left of the her.

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