50 Groupies We is lucky... Yahooooooooooooo

Well done on all the great work being put in :)
Our group seems to go from strength to strength… Just have a look at some of the work this week…

Ummm ok I liked the look of this piece of work… Where’s UriGeller when u need him..

The clarity of these shots are just brilliant… Go look at her work… Click on the image,, Its is well worth your time.

Here is some fun stuff Missy has been working at :)
She is trying to sell me off, its not to the highest bidder, its to any bidder lol

I think its fun stuff… Do you think she is really trying to sell me off :o
Offers have to include cake and biscuits…:))

Anyway thank you all, keep adding your work please to Art, Tshirts, Writing and all parts of the groups. CLICK HERE TO DO THAT NOW

I Added supplies to the shop… Plus 1st camera plus more fun stuff…
I like the look of the puzzle maker.. Just click and look… Tell me what you think..

Also i would be interested in knowing what is your dream digi camera… and why so I can add them to the shop…

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