Working Updating ... To the point cards... and maybe Tshirts....

Well today Missy has been busy with some message cards! Pretty funny, I’m going to turn them into T-shirts. Add transparency when needed and make them the right size… But I think they look Great :)
Simple to the point… Have a look at them as cards…

Simple clear to the point….

Here is another… Just text… But good to have on your desk at work! Or at home.. In back window of your car!!!!

Owww and if you really want them to get the message…. This comes in POSTER SIZE… Let them understand you, Let them know the inner you, what you really feel.

Get the T-shirt that says how we all feel once in a while :)

We come to the conclusion that one day some of this might sell :) and when it does we are going to both faint … then get up from the floor and faint again….. probs do the as many times as it takes to sink in :>

The shop is coming along i’ve added some fun stuff and some suitable papers…
As always if you want a card or picture displayed sold… Email me which one and tell me how much for and I will add it…

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