Update on Group and shop :)

More new members More Great Art work…
Hello all new members and the old timers of course!!!
Our group is growing and growing and the talent seems very good. Haven’t had to much time to look at everything today, but what i have seen was great.. Look at some examples…

Poor Poor Monkey :o
Quick call the Doc…

Flower power :) Real Clear well presented pictures…

It was valentines day this week and this is what my baby sent me :) I have it printed on the wall in the bedroom.

We also have a new poet in the group :) Tarlee-Click here to see her work

Look at all the poems CLICK HERE

Try Looking in the Forum and adding a joke or Leaving another comment :)

Thank-you all for all your work. I am amazed by the standard of work :)
I hope all the links work as they are meant to this time, if you click on the peoples art work you should go to there profile. So you can see all there other great work :) Its really worth taking some time to do :)

I added some fun stuff to the shop today :) get your own tattoo… Pain free :) Make a Jigsaw and even fridge magnets… Just another few bits added… Have look it cost nothing browse :)

Would anyone out there want a Chat page, where you can go on-line and chat with others in the group? Because if you do I can get that organised…Let me know…

Ok enough babble I’m off to bed.. Goodnight u lot :)

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