Working on a new Store...

Ok today started working on a new Shop… Well I wanted a way of supplying our own art. So I thought start a shop.
I was thinking maybe 2 sections to start with
Photo Cards
Framed A4 Prints.
This shop stuff is not as easy as it looks. LOL I have several other shops. But there on a Whitelabel sites, so all you really do is manage your site. The better 1s allow you to add products but some just allow you to add your name to them.

Here is a recent shop… I just got this online and it will be extended…

and heres the one im trying to do for the art.. ART PICTURES Prints and cards Vizuns

If you wanted to add some of your art to the shop, just email me… and we will see what we can do. Still in very early stages.

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