New Book: the Quotable Westie

I’ve put some of my most popular photographs of my westie “Tiki” into a collection called “the Quotable Westie” which is now available for sale on Amazon. This 44 page book matches photographs of Tiki in all sorts of situations and dress with quotes from famous celebrities.

Here are a few of the reviews so far:

“Ed has a complete sense of the ridiculous and his whimsical imagination is only geared to make one smile, be it his amazing dogs with their human characteristics (as in this book), to his travel trailer series.”

“I highly recommend this book if you just want something that will bring a great big smile to your face, and you’re in for a treat should you choose to visit Ed’s gallery at FAA. It’s well worth the trip.”

“Now if only he’d let us in on the secret of how he gets his dogs to cooperate……… guess that’s not going to happen though, so we’ll just have to settle for living vicariously through Edward’s fantastic art, and this wonderful book.”

ISBN-10: 1481084372
ISBN-13: 978-1481084376

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