The best of both worlds

This is actually a comment I left on Martin Hosking’s entry, Art about, but I thought it was worth sharing here too.

I visited the Met and MoMA in NYC for the first time last Dec and both were unique, wonderful experiences – historical as much as ethereal.

As others have commented, both RB and famous galleries have their place and we are a much richer community for having both. Like the internet itself, there is great, good, mediocre and, yes, even bad (unimaginative) art on RB. But it’s all about community. The great galleries contain commonly acknowledged “great” art, chosen by elite experts and the verdict of time.

I think RB’s natural next expansion should be to encourage/formalise physical gallery showings of work by members, especially the original work that loses much when viewed digitally, such as painting and illustration. I know that this has just started happening in Melbourne.

As the traffic numbers (and volume of comments) reveal, RB is an incredibly vibrant community. There’s so much talent here. Why not bridge that gap between the physical and digital art realms. Of course it will require a degree of selection and determination of quality, as well as administrative and geographic considerations, but who better to do it than RB? Let’s have the best of both worlds!

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