Brenda Dahl

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Photography is the only way to capture “time in a bottle” and the everlasting scent of the moment.

Having so much fun Voting *please read*

Good Saturday to all my peeps here. Just want to say hi and let everyone know I finally have time to sit down and see whats going on with challenges….
I am having a blast voting in all the current challenges that are open. I do not have my own images in the challenges, but i sure do like to support everyone who are part of the same groups as myself. There are some fun and unique challenges out there……
I personally believe it is soo very important for us all to support one another in all current challenges even if you are not part of the challenge. I know it feel really good to me when I see that at least one person voted for one of my images. I look thru ALL entries, even when there is 100+ to vote for. I do this because I LOVE it…..
Good luck to everyone out there …..

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