Goodbye 2007 , Hello 2008

Well friends the old year has gone and the new year has arrived , we all like to make a new start to a new year and have good intentions to do this .

For myself I like to write down what i need to do , i have never given myself a time to complete each task which is maybe why some things dont get done , so maybe some goal setting is needed here.
I always say "oh tommorow will do " but most of the time that “tommorow” never does turn up, so i have to brush up my act if i am to do what i say.

Well what are your intentions for this year ?, maybe to have more time for your creative self , more time for friends/companions or family or just to be kinder to yourself and others or to help a charity or some other kind gesture .

To do something for others without the thought of a reward i think is the best thing that we can do for our fellow human / animal neighbours .

This year i want to help more in the way of animal welfare and to help stop the increasing cruelty we see in factory farms around the world , and also if i can help people who are less fortunate than myself wherever i am then that will be good too .

I feel we are all rewarded for what we do for others but not in ways that we expect , and it is the expectation of rewards that make us less human because we feel dejected if we dont get a reward .

If it’s just a little something for someone else then let us do it with a loving heart and not look for the reward .

Do good and goodness will come no matter what happens as there is i feel an eternal energy that gives us what we deserve.



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