Most of the time we don’t actually realize that we are our own creators, our own thinkers and possibly our own Gods in the world we live in, we really have lost the art of creating our own positive and powerful selves which are capable of creating far more than we could ever dream of if only we can believe in ourselves.
If we really stop to think about our thoughts and how we use them then we can create what we want in our lives and to help others around us who are blocked in creating what they desire.
I think we have to realize that we have lost the art of controlling and using our thoughts to ours and others benefits when we use our positive or negative energy through our thought processes.
To have a positive thought is to create positive energy and vice versa with the negative thoughts, every thought we have is an energy, so to say I am positive thinker would give you positive energy, and we know what the opposite would give us.

The big problem is we have been creating too many negative thoughts by habit and we have got used to low self esteem and low self worth and being very harsh on ourselves and others.
What we have to realize is that we are our own masters and we can change our thoughts to create a positive change in our lives. When there is determination to change “we can” do it and help others around us.

Creativity is the power which gives us the ability to express ourselves in positive ways, it brings a sense of well being and satisfaction into our lives, I know when I paint I am lost in that creative world of my own and can be there for hours without realizing time, I am just with my creative self and it gives me great pleasure to stand back and see what I have created.
We can all do the same if we just take that one step of courage and say to yourself “ I CAN”. We have to loose the word “CANT” from our vocabulary as this is a negative vibration that pulls us down and breeds self loathing or even worse.

The process will have its moments of thinking can I or cant I do this , we are bound to get tested along our creative paths, but don’t worry if you get blocks because that’s good as it is showing you what you need to overcome. Set aside some time in your day and if possible at the same time to get into a routine so the mind gets used to it and then crate what you like , it does not matter what others think as it is your own creation , if you are criticized don’t worry just say its good enough for me.

Becoming your own powerful creative self is all about thinking that “we can” do it and if you persevere with it then anything is possible , and as you go along in life you can help others discover there own powerful selves.

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  • Biswajit Pandey
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