This just came to me as i was commenting on someones photo ………..why do we like and use photographs so much i asked myself ? well i think it,s all about capturing a moment in time especially if that time is not coming round again forever.

There are many things that dont exist now that existed say 50 yrs ago and many shots were not taken like thay are now , so pictures were lost in someones archive or stolen or destroyed in fire etc.

Capturing a moment in time has great meaning to us especially if it is a child or a pet growing up and you want to capture every year of that souls physical life .
On the other hand perhaps we are so attached to images and that in effect is what we are exposed to with every day in the modern world, from the internet to tv, to advertising bill boards , i could go on and on.

Many people say image is everything these days but as we look at a living object, what are we looking at ? just the physical, or does something strike us deeper within the spirit of that living object, what makes us who we are ?, perhaps it is the combination of both the spirit and the body .

But alas I find the world of the Spirit and the Body so unbalanced in this modern world , we are so focused on the physical that we miss whats the true living being behind the physical mask.
I feel this physical world is such a tiny part of what this “Game of Life” is truly all about and in a few years to come i feel we shall see science work within the spiritual realms and reveal our true image.

So when we take our photos maybe we should just try and feel whats deeper than the physical image we are trying to convey , whats the deeper meaning behind it ?


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  • Biswajit Pandey
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