The world as we know of today is a divided one through gateways of different thinking from areas of religion, politics and race at every level of society.
Division for me is what I feel belongs to me/or not and having discovered what that is I base my thoughts and actions according to that.
People have said throughout History “together we can achieve something but divided we fall”.

If we divide countries which has happened and within those its people separation occurs at different levels and to be separate from something means we are not whole and connected as we once were, we have become disjointed, fragmented in society, nature and culture.

Because we feel people are different from us we feel separated and this I feel all starts within our thoughts, our thinking determines the way we see ourselves, others and the world that we live in. Our thoughts can be the most destructive or creative force at our disposal, our thoughts never stop, even in our dreams we are still thinking.

We must honour all differences in the world and accept these differences as part of the whole creation, the diverse world that we live in is so rich and to criticise one part of it is to create division.

Even in our immediate environment we see division all around us, if we could only see that labels and identities are just labels and identities and without them we are still great Human Beings experiencing this amazing and diverse world. It’s when we believe that these labels and identities are our total reality we become separated from our unique Human qualities which have survived on this planet for eons.

If we could only see ourselves as our Creator/Creators see us without all the baggage of physical living we would live more fulfilled lives and stop to look at ourselves before criticizing others for their actions we don’t understand.

We should rejoice in the richness of such diversity in human existence with so many cultures on one planet that does have a future.

But it is entirely up to us if we want a future world of unity and not one of separation and division, people have to come together in peace and harmony if we are to have communities that can live and share together.

Every single soul on this planet has a unique mark, one that makes us the individual we are, one that defines our talents, specialities and understanding of the world that we see, feel and hear.
It is the misunderstanding that has created the division and disharmony amongst the nations of the world. It is our own egos that say yes we are right and you are wrong and my way is the only way , the Ego is very clever , it will trick you into thinking that you are right a lot of the time but it is our duty to check this constantly otherwise disharmony will arise in all our relationships.

There are many single paths that meet the highway in life and it is the acceptance of this that we have to understand. To accept others in the way they think and act I feel is the way forward as everyone has a unique way of looking at the world they understand within their own thinking.

To understand people who are different from you , you have to put yourself in their shoes to understand that they do what they do because of “life Influences” from families they were born into , how they were brought up and nurtured , educated and also the friends they made , we are all influenced by all these issues.

We see so much trouble in the world today mainly because people are misunderstood and especially young people rebel because of this , but also the society which they are witness to within the media, advertising , tv , computers are all an influence on their sometimes fragile minds.

So I feel responsibility also comes into play here from the point of parental/self control , we see so many young people who are into drugs, alcohol and violent behaviour and it’s the only way they know how to deal with the immediate problems they have and they should not be blamed for this because society as a whole has influenced them , their behaviour is like this because of many factors but mainly by the influences around them , especially they want to fit in with their friends so they follow like sheep neither thinking or reasoning before they act .

I feel that parents have a great responsibility when they have children to make sure that moral/ethical values are taught but you cannot expect them to do this if they have not been taught by their parents. It is a cycle that is happening throughout society and children are not being taught the core values of good living, ones that teach them between right’s and wrong’s, to respect themselves and those around and to be taught how to integrate into society.

So each and every one of us has a responsibility to our fellow human travellers in life because the more good we create in the world the better each and every person will become.

There are vast divisions in the world but it is in our own consciousness as to how we see them. Society has taught us to be divided but we can change this if we start the change within ourselves with our thinking and then our actions towards ourselves and others.
The old saying “United We Stand” “Divided We Fall” is so true but if we accept each other as he or she is and encourage unity into our conscious behaviour I am sure walls can be breached and lives mended.
Children of today need positive encouragement to learn how their thoughts and actions affect their world and those around them. Each and every one of us has choices and decisions to make in life and it is up to us how we decide and choose.

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