Power of Thinking

Today i just want to share with you a few ideas that might get you thinking on a different level.
As the title says “The Power of your Thinking” i would like to say that words are so important in our lives and the words we use have an effect on ourselves and those around us , if we rant and rave at somebody because something has gone wrong in our lives just think what harm we may do by using the wrong words , but even before that has happened it all starts with our thinking because what words we use results from our thoughts.

We should all realize that our thoughts create our reality from inside to outside.
Words are vibration and if words are used in a wrong way people will feel that especially if done in anger or any other negative emotion .

Today we all react so quickly to others , we are so quick to run others down before we have even thought what will the consequences be and before we know it we can be in deeper water than we thought .

I find that people just need much more patience with themselves and others , if this quality is not learnt we will all have to suffer because when we are not patient with each other we become an emotionally unstable society full of angst and bitterness towards our fellow humans.

We should all strive to be like an engine , which is before we engage our mouths make sure that the gears of our minds are working in the appropriate way ,and then there will be less violence and much more peace in our lives that spread to others around us and throuought the world.

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