So Much Great Talent

Since joining Redbubble i have seen so much great talent here , we as a human race do not i feel honour that enough in our selves and also in others too .

I just want to say that talent does not come only from our selves but that inevitable spirit / soul that dwells within us all and gives us the enthusiasm and encouragement to inspire us to Great Heights withing the physical restraints we live in .

We can achieve great heights within our own creative world if we let go of our own selves and let that spirit take over in many creative ways , i feel creative blocks that we all get are due to our not being aware of something other worldly working through us .

I feel it is all in our attitude , if we create some piece of art / writing and say that "I " did this and “I” did that we fail to honour that greater part of our selves that created that piece of art/writing.

To honour all our talents and specialities we must always recognise something greater within us who knows no limits .


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