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London, United Kingdom

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DATE/TIME: Wed 5th Feb 2014 23;43 PM GMT
MEDIUM: Digital artwork/MS Paint, PC/Mouse drawn
DESCRIPTION: Dolphin(imaginary)

Just me practicing letting the ‘imagination’ RUN… ;-)


I’ve always been interested in the ‘psychology’ that lies beyond ‘art on the surface’; why does an artist feel the ‘need’ to draw? Who were their particular ‘influences’? What has their artistic development been alike?

The mind is an absolutely incredible thing…we live say, 99 years long; but, the mind is capable of both capturing and keeping all of the ‘info’ right throughout our entire lives…including everything we see/do/feel/touch/smell/taste/hear, daily…including images we see on TV…all that’s inside of our own entirely imaginative ‘daydreams’; and, inside of our nightly ‘dreams’; what does that all amount to, I wonder? Maybe, 100’s of thousands/millions/or, even, billions of images…!!!

Therefore, I didn’t need to use any very ‘dull and boring’ reference photo…by merely ‘copying; it…to help tell me what a beach looks like/or, clouds look like/or, sea, and, dolphin looks like. Instead, I merely left it down to my mind’s own imagination to come up with the necessary forms. I both knew/trusted that that info. was ‘locked’ in there somewhere…; all I had to do was merely ‘concentrate’ on whichever thought I wanted to depict; and, then, sure enough, those images would, all of a sudden, come rushing back to me; as somewhere I’d already seen all of these things before…whether in real life/or, on TV/inside of books/-etc.

I find it very highly interesting, too; that each ‘different’ artist has a slightly/or, even majorly ‘different’ way of seeing/expressing the world around them. Why the ‘differences’ between us…I wish to find/explain it…???

‘Art, and, the mind’, a truly fascinating subject…one which I always wish/hope to learn about far more.

The connection between both ‘seeing’, and, ‘feeling’; like if you’ve never ever played a game of ‘football’ before/or, been inside of an ‘aeroplane’; then, how would you know exactly how it ‘feels’ to do it…; and, how does one then manage to capture that feeling inside of a drawing/painting/sculpture.

I just don’t believe that art is all purely ‘surface’, alone….instead, it’s what lies deep down beneath the surface that I’m interested in.

Quite honestly, I believe, absolutely everybody can draw…it’s inside of us all; even in pre-teen children. Certainly, I remember having done art classes with people who were mentally/physically disabled ‘adults’…and, guess what, yes, they could all draw.

But, then, I wonder why some people can do it really well/whilst others are not so good…no matter how hard or long they were to go and ‘practice’ for…; is it ‘genetic’, possibly; or, down to having ‘good/better teachers’/or, even possibly both….???

For example, the people who brought me up…were not all artists themselves…maybe, one, cousin was ‘amateur’; yet, from ever since I was really very young…which is going back as far as I can ever even recall…I really ‘loved’ witnessing seeing all of the arts. I recall I would ‘stare’ at ‘masterpieces’ for endless hours long…being seen inside of books/encyclopedias/illustrated bibles/or, illustrated fairy tale stories…feeling totally ‘transfixed’ by the utterly amazing ‘mastery of line/form/s: including, human/animal/nature/and, even, purely ’imaginative’…in TV cartoons/or else, comic books; and, marvel at the incredible ‘beauty’ of those works…! Furthermore, I was never quite truly satisfied with the desire to just see things from ‘outside’; no, I wanted more….I wanted/needed to become an ‘insider’ artist..

Neither was I one of those who was, quite naturally, ‘born gifted’; as can, quite clearly, be seen in my current artworks, now-a-days, too; it’s little more than just merely ‘average’…never any more that that in my own personal judgment; nevertheless, no matter how many times my drawing ‘failed and failed’…I still kept going at it like MAD….even, today, absolutely nothing has changed; my strong desire remains exactly the same…I ‘want’ so desperately to be able to do art. Where does this absolutely desperate ‘desire’ come from…?!

Also, why is it that, sometimes, my drawings seem to work out, OK/and, other times, not? This is another problem I would like to be able to figure out…??? Was it all down to merely ‘pot luck of the draw’…if you’ll, very kindly, please, excuse the pun! Or, possibly, I wasn’t concentrating truly hard enough…my mind was being distracted by other things/or,…maybe, it was not just due to any ‘one’ reason, alone; but, could in fact be due to ‘multiple’ reasons all going on, at once..

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait

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