Created: Sun 2nd Feb 2014 15:09 PM GMT
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My latest internet thing is chasing after…motivation/wealth…currently, looking at…

…it’s a web site which also allows you to download a FREE eBook…

…and, there also is a accompanying series of FREE YouTube videos…

One side effect of reading/watching these tutorials is one learns a little bit more about how the world of business works/and, sometimes, about how business fails! Not being very business minded myself; therefore, I was eager to go learn more; as somebody who is a ‘total outsider’…I would like to know how the world of business works…by witnessing seeing it from both inside/outside.

If I’m being perfectly honest about it, though; I don’t believe in any of this stuff totally 100%. I do NOT believe that reading a book/or, watching a video can ever change your ‘life’; instead, I believe that only you…and, YOU, alone…do have the power to be able to change your ‘life’; but, you need to be strongly ‘motivated’ enough; be willing to put in the necessary time, effort, patience, proper planning, etc.; and, also, have enough guts to be able to stick with it…even when the going gets really tough…because, sure enough, it will!

Such as when you are NOT feeling particularly motivated/or, even worse, are feeling depressed, downright sad, and, sorry for yourself; (being BiPolar myself; I don’t believe it’s possible to be ‘up’ all the time; instead, my moods tend to constantly change like being stuck on a Roller Coaster ride…!); /or, when nothing seems to be working out right, and, when everything is going entirely wrong…this makes one wish to quit; quitters, however, are not, usually, ‘winners’?!

I also believe that you have to genuinely ‘like’ doing whatever it is you’ve chosen to do, essentially; in order to become, well and truly, successful at it; and, in order to be able to stick with it when feeling under ‘pressure’; otherwise, as they say, ‘whenever the going gets tough; then, the tough get going…!’ LOL

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