Dragonflies and Other Insects

I found Red Bubble last Wednesday. It should prove to be a great boon. Normally I have to invest quite a lot of money in prints, frames and advertising, hoping to persuade someone to buy my work. Red Bubble is a great idea as I can leave all the work to someone else and actually get down to the much nicer job of actually creating the images.At present this includes chasing the dragonflies that live in the drainage ditches near my home. Time is limited as these creatures will all but disappear in the next month. Today I spent time trying to catch them in flight. They don’t hover very long and usually by the time i have the shot set up they are gone. But I did get a few images today including some of them laying their eggs into the water.I don’t know if insects have emotions but dragonflies always seem to be relaxed. They play with each other and bask in the sun. They seem to have some kind of a relationship with hoverflies. They don’t eat them and there are usually a lot in the ditches. I haven’t worked out yet why this should be.

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