Hi you guys, my name is Paul A. Coover, author of Odessa’s Orbs, The Photographs The Free Press Won’t Let You See.(https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/449826) I live in West Fork Arkansas. http://www.prlog.org/12360525-book-of-photograp... My wife Tricia G. Curry and myself just recently moved back on our home place. ( We had been living only three miles away.) We have big strong country dogs that are not afraid of anything. Since we moved however, our dogs have been going nuts. At first our dogs would fire off barking for unknown reasons. Also, they just did not want to stay outside— they had the look of terror in their eyes. Trish and I would laugh about it, wondering what their problem was. We would have to just make them go outside…………….. Then we got a new puppy named Odessa. She is a wild thing and has always played real rough with our 100 lb. dog Dallas…. Well one night, when I was readying my camera to take a couple of pictures of my raised bed garden boxes to show my friend, Odessa went nuts. I went outside to see what all the exitement was about and there she was, actively chasing something round and round on the ground, like a rabbit. The only thing was, I couldn’t see anything at all… I told my nutty dog to hush up………… Then I retrieved my camera and went on outside to shoot the pics of my garden boxes. The pictures went as planned , then I also took some photos of a giant walnut log on my sawmill. When I got back inside, I was surprised at the pictures I took! There appeared to be some kind of trouble with my camera. I was about to delete the photos when I hesitated, I decided to think about them for a while. There appeared to be round blueish white objects showing up around my garden and that walnut log on my mill…. the next night on a hunch, I walked outside and pointed my camera in the area where I had made the photos before. To my utter amazement , there were bunches of those things! and yet six seconds later, when my flash was ready again, there were only two of them left— one peeking over my trailer and one hiding in my indian corn. ………………….. Well it was on then. I showed some state forresters the pictures and they said they had never seen anything like it before. one suggested that I put the pictures on a computer to see them better. We found out that people primarly call these things orbs or ghosts or angels. Since then, I have found people who call them fairies,nature spirits,nimbus,and gossamer discs. The main thing that people should know is— that we can see these things caught in the flash when looking over the camera. ………………. The other night my wife and I were coming into our yard together. I took out my camera and snapped a photo. When the flash went off, I saw one of these things. My wife was behind me and said,“there was only one of them.” In my spirit, I just felt so much better. It was like a big sigh of relief inside me. We can see these things…I’m not all alone… .In the words of Rudyard Kipling ," If you can keep your head, when all around you, there are those that are losing theirs- and blaming it on you. If you can trust yourself, when all men doubt you , yet make allowances for their doubting too."
It’s lonely being out front… followers wait. Waiting to see which road to follow. Which way is right. They are on the fence… no ax to grind, no horse in the race. In reality, a leader has to overcome the status quo ; the"old" way of thinking and doing , without the help of the peaple he is leading. Because they are followers ….. they are waiting for the dust to settle before they will join in. If you succeed , you are heralded as a genius, an inventor . But while you struggle even your friends say to each other, “He may have slipped”. I will say this, for all the trouble I’ve had with “gatekeepers”, news directors and the like, one of the state biologists told me that they send pictures of these things to each other. P. S. The book " The Orb Project " on Amazon.com has been written by three scientists and is absolutely amazing! Click on it’s icon on Amazon.com to read the Introduction,Table of contents, sample chapters and to see their photographs! My Book is coming out Sept. !st 2014. Here is my smashwords author profile page. https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/PaulCoover

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Spirit Of Light, Spirit Of Truth......Holy Spirit

Holy spirits I should say. On the day of penticost, lit up cloven tounges of fire, nimbus, holy spirit landed on the heads of people. These have been depicted as nimbus….as halos on the heads of the devout. From these nimbus or holy spirit light eminated , light described as cloven tounges of fire. Cloven as a clove of garlic. Segmented…. A bunch of tounges of fire…. Wether the…
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