Book launch a success! Thank you to...

WOW! What an amazing night! It definitely exceeded my expectations on what a book launch should be & to everyone who came, you made it possible!!!

I, again want to thank the following people for all their hard work & effort to make last night a success:

Craig for our amazing poster, Russall & The Snowdroppers for making the trip all the way from Sydney to play their down & dirty songs, Imogen Kelly, Sarah Lea Cheesecake & Kelly Ann Doll you ladies are amazing & thank you so much! To Kitty Van Horne, Vesper White & Lauren LaRouge for also making the trip & totally blowing me away with each routine (I can’t wait to see you lovely ladies again!), DJ Dan who kept the kids dancing – even if it was only me on the floor. To all the ladies who entered the pinup contest, it takes guts to get on stage in front of 200+ people & strut your stuff, but you worked it & congratulations to the winner Madame M. Thanks to all the fans who bought a book, a print or even a badge, I hope it’s something that you will enjoy forever & to everyone who came along to have a great night out! To the Bad Ladies & Jess who kept things in order all night & gave up their time to help & to Leilanie for being a great Bunny Yeager & making the wonderful pinup sash (well the text anyway…). To Simoncee for keeping the crowd entertained, humoured & being an all round top lady! To Peta Pledger who made my wonderful dress, I don’t think I have ever twirled so much. To Bella Union & staff for letting us destroy the place & all their efforts last night. Thanks to all the photographers who captured the event, I can’t wait to see the images! And last but not least, to Miss Katie Pink who without her last night would have not happened. I am grateful you put all your time & money into something that I never even dreamed about. You made the night special not only for me, but for everyone who attended. I love you lady!

May my next book launch be just as perfect as this one!

Love Paula

PS. We still have some stock left so to anyone interested in purchasing an item for themselves, or maybe even a Christmas present here is the list:

The Modern Pinup Book – $50
Single Prints – $10 each
4 pack – $30
6 pack – $40
12 pack – $70
Mounted Wall Prints – $120 (inc shipping)
Pinup or Burlesque Pack Badges – $8 each
Stickers – $1
Pinup Pack (inc book, 12 prints, badge packs, sticker & poster) – $100

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