Paula Betz

Joined April 2011

I love nature and everything in it. If I can capture it with my camera in a way that is meaningful, that is something that brings me...

Fall in the Japanese Garden Greeting Card $2.95
Big Beautiful Green Luna Moth Greeting Card $2.95
Beautiful Orchids Greeting Card $2.95
Boys by a Big Tree Greeting Card $2.95
Cannon at Shiloh Battlefield Greeting Card $2.95
Country Garden Path in Spring Postcards $2.29
Country Road in the Spring Greeting Card $2.95
The Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House Greeting Card $2.95
Spring Garden in Missouri Greeting Card $2.95
Geese in a Spring Garden Postcards $2.29
Trees in Spring Greeting Card $2.95
Colors of the Rainbow Butterfly Greeting Card $2.95
Owl Butterfly on Bright Orange Flower Greeting Card $2.95
Black and Blue Butterfly on Purple and White Orchids Greeting Card $2.95
Moth on a Peppermint Zinnia Postcards $2.29
Honey bee on a cosmos flower Postcards $2.29
The Linnean House and Surrounding Gardens Greeting Card $2.95
Hanging Fuschia Flowers Postcards $2.29
Pink and White Rose Greeting Card $2.95
Beautiful Angel Sculpture Fountain Postcards $2.29
Open Gate to an Herb Garden Greeting Card $2.95
Pomegranate Growing in a Garden Greeting Card $2.95
An Herb Garden Greeting Card $2.95
Basil in the herb garden Greeting Card $2.95
Purple Clematis Flower on Trellis  Greeting Card $2.95
Missouri Botanical Garden Postcards $2.29
Orange and Yellow Dahlia with Bee Greeting Card $2.95
A Favorite Flower Garden Greeting Card $2.95
Bright Pink Dahlia Greeting Card $2.95
A Happy Path Through Flowers Postcards $2.29
Bee on Pink Dahlia Postcards $2.29
A Path Into a Colorful Flower Garden Postcards $2.29
Magenta Gladiolus Flower Postcards $2.29
Bright Pink Dahlia Flowers Greeting Card $2.95
Chocolate Flower with a Honey Bee Visitor Greeting Card $2.95
Beautiful Grass Postcards $2.29
Coral Hibiscus Flower Reaching for the Sky Greeting Card $2.95
Beautyberries - A beautiful Rich Purple Berry Greeting Card $2.95
Moth Drinking Nectar from Purple Flower Greeting Card $2.95
Pretty Little Orange Butterfly on White Flower Postcards $2.29
Little Orange Butterfly from Missouri Postcards $2.29
Two Bees on Purple Asters Postcards $2.29
Colorful Orchid Garden Greeting Card $2.95
One Beautiful Orchid Greeting Card $2.95
Purple and White Orchid Spray Postcards $2.29
Beige Butterfly on Resting on Pentas Greeting Card $2.95
Spray of Light Purple Orchids in Sunlight Postcards $2.29
Blue, Black and White Butterfly  Greeting Card $2.95
Light Purple Orchids Greeting Card $2.95
Red and Green Tropical Flower Postcards $2.29
Lime Green Orchid Postcards $2.29
Deep, Dark Orchid Flower Greeting Card $2.95
Blooming Orchids and Buds Greeting Card $2.95
Bubbling Brook in the Garden Postcards $2.29
A Favorite Garden Spot Greeting Card $2.95
Pretty Orange Poppy in a Rock Garden Greeting Card $2.95
Oriental Poppies in Bright Orange Greeting Card $2.95
Pretty Iris Postcards $2.29
Peach and Purple Bearded Iris Postcards $2.29
Lady Walking in a Iris Garden in Spring Greeting Card $2.95
Iris Garden Party Greeting Card $2.95
Shimmering Water in a Japanese Garden Postcards $2.29
A bridge and trees in the garden Greeting Card $2.95
Japanese Designed Garden with Bridge and Sculpture Greeting Card $2.95
View of a Japanese Garden through the Trees Postcards $2.29
Green plants Postcards $2.29
Golden Eggs from Nature Greeting Card $2.95
Fly Greeting Card $2.95
Prairie Coneflower Postcards $2.29
Orange bug on Purple Coneflower Greeting Card $2.95
Cicada  Postcards $2.29
Friendly Bugs Greeting Card $2.95
Wild Geranium with little bug Postcards $2.29
Unique bug on pink flower cluster Postcards $2.29
Butterfly enjoying orchids Greeting Card $2.95
Green Malachite on a flower Postcards $2.29
Little ole' bridge over the water Postcards $2.29
Little path leading to the little Chapel Postcards $2.29
Roses and other flowers Postcards $2.29
Pretty Yellow Flower Greeting Card $2.95
Underside of a Clipper Butterfly Greeting Card $2.95
Butterfly on jagged leaf Postcards $2.29
Orange, Yellow and Brown Butterfly Greeting Card $2.95
"Smiley" - A Paperkite Butterfly Greeting Card $2.95
Orange Shoemaker Butterfly Greeting Card $2.95
Soccer Balls for Eyes Postcards $2.29
Pink Pentas Postcards $2.29
Brown and Black Butterfly on Lantana Flowers Postcards $2.29
Katydid on a Japanese Maple Greeting Card $2.95
Baby Beetle on its Mother's Leg Greeting Card $2.95
Tough Guy Greeting Card $2.95
Bee on Echinacea Postcards $2.29
Black and White Dragonfly Postcards $2.29
Black and Grey Blue Butterfly Greeting Card $2.95
Spring in a Japanese Garden Postcards $2.29
Blue Morpho Greeting Card $2.95
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