new online portfolio type thing

My new online web portfolio type business card type thing is up and looks fucking cool.

Although I have to thank for this. All I did was click some buttons and type my name in. It’s basically just a web aggregator to display your onlineyness. But it’s fucking sexy as hell. And they don’t force their brand onto your site.

I’ve just frameforwarded a subdomain to the site, and blamo. Better than anything I could have come up with.

You can sign up by giving them your email… they’ll get back to you after a while with an invite.

[feedback wanted] Speedpainting

This is a work in progress. I’m testing out a new technique that I kind of stumbled across. It works quite well as far as speeding up the painting process, and even helps me with colour selection which is something I’m not so hot at.

This took me about 30 minutes, not counting subsequent touch ups. Probably a record for me.

So, I’m looking for feedback. What is good about it, and what sucks about it? What say you?

[feedback wanted] Drawing Jam

Drawing Jam is a great forum over at where everyone has a go at sketching a particular model. I’m not a regular contributor, but I do have a go occasionally. Here’s one of the few that I feel good enough about to actually upload.

This sketch is from the July 2008 jam, although I only just did it last night and coloured it today.

I’d like to hear any comments, positive and negative. What say you?

Upcoming Book

Update: The book is now available to buy here

Our Illustration group The International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination is releasing a book full of art from our members – and it’s time to vote for your favourites.

Cover design work in progress, by Natalie Perkins

While there’s no guarantee that the winners will be selected for the book’s final cut, it will definitely help us judge what everyone likes. I’ve voted for an utterly ridiculous number of pieces (completely lost count). I still haven’t gotten over how many skilled artists are in this group.

Sagmeister made me look.

My signed copy of Made You Look arrived today. The message reads: “For the lovely Paul McClintock, excellent work! Thank you! Greetings from NYC, Stefan Sagmeister.” What a sweety!

I got it because of this, into which I entered this.

My top 10 "Happy" portraits

In absolutely no order, here are my top ten Happy portraits, of which there are eleven (which makes it the best top ten ever).

A black and white 5 by Ayarti

If you’re happy and you know it, give it a 5 by Najeroux

6 by Miners

5 by Chris Wahl

Seven by Damien Mason

5 by Chelsgus

About a seven going on eight by Hwiddy

Five by Natalie Perkins

Happy… by Mimi Yoon

You tickle me all colours autumn by Jessica Tremp

Me around about 7ish by SweetChile

Still a few days left to vote. Go do that.

Happy Challenge accepting votes

As I’m sure you’re already aware. The Happy challenge is accepting votes now.

I voted for about 12 entries… not bad.

If you want to find my one, it’s here – but I strongly suggest you look through the 200+ entries, because there’s a bunch of good stuff in there.

3.14159 process, animated

final piece

Damien posted a journal detailing the process for his entry into the happy challenge.

So, being the bandwagon type – I thought I’d do what he did. I realised I’ve still got all my working files – I can actually go back and piece them together into a little animation. So here it is.
(It might take a moment to load, as it is about 2mb – but unless you’re on some 14.4k modem, you should be fine.)

Obviously I didn’t save it every five seconds, so this will only have major iterations. This was done fairly straight forward. I always tend to work on sections when I’m painting (getting the detail for one area before moving on to the next) but I normally work in layers and go back and forth between them. With this one, I pretty much painted on a single layer (with a few exceptions – mo

A year for self portraits, part four.

Update: It’s finished.

I started another self portrait today. This time it’s for a redbubble challenge. This particular challenge happens to have a good prize. A really good prize.

So for the last 6 hours or so I’ve been painting, and I’m really happy with the result so far. So much so that I cannot go to bed without sharing this with someone.

Entries for the happy challenge don’t open for another 6 days, so I’ve got a while to refine this.

A year for self portraits, part three.

I can now reveal the reason for these self portraits.…

I’ve been shortlisted in the National Youth Self Portrait Prize for the National Portrait Gallery. I’m currently typing standing up because I’m too excited to sit down.

Fifteen pieces were chosen from around Australia. At this point I have no idea how many people entered. For all I know there was only 15 entries, but it was open to everyone in Australia and the grand prize is $10,000.

I’m currently a little short on money, so that’s pretty exciting. The winner will be announced some time next month, but whether I win or not – I’m just so excited to have gotten this far.

So now, I have to organise to get my portrait printed and mounted, and ship it to Canberra. And guess which website is going to help me do that…!

I’d also like to thank

Elements: Tone, challenge open for entries

Damien has opened the second challenge in the ‘Elements’ series for entries over at the International Superheroes of Illustration

Tone refers to the lightness or darkness of a colour. It can be used to highlight elements, bring them forward, add texture or depth. A good understanding of how light falls is essential.

This one will be open for a bit longer than the last to allow people to get their entries in. You have a month to think about your entry and really get something good in. Think of it as a school assignment. Do some homework and learn some shit, and then give us your best shot.

Elements: Line challenge open for entries.

Our new illustration group has it’s first challenge open for entries now… and it needs someone to enter!

One of the most important elements of illustration is line. Line gives us structure, it gives us depth and detail and texture. Line is the potato of illustration. What we’re after is work that is based on and incorporates line. How you interpret that is up to you.

Enter the challenge and show off just how well you use lines.

Free shipping

Super secret good news. Free shipping for the next 23 hours and 45 minutes (or so).

Step 1. – Buy several of my shirts

Step 2. – Enter ‘notsocks’ at the checkout.

Step 3a. – If you’re in one of the countries that has father’s day in June, give one of the shirts to your father.

Step 3b. – If not, keep all the shirts.

Step 4. – Keep it a secret.

Comikaze 24 hour Challenge 2009

This long weekend is the 2009 Comikaze 24 hour Challenge. This will be my third year participating, and as it happens, it coincides with…

So guess what!?! I’m gonna be doing both at the same time! Not only that, I’m going to be doing it despite having no internet access for most of the long weekend. I’ll be down at Lochsport, hanging out at the lake with a pencil and some paper… and no reception. Whoo!

Back to normal

Okay, so the sale went on way longer than expected. I’m going to return prices back to normal now. However, this doesn’t mean that I won’t put on more sales. Let me know if you’re poor, and I might be able to pull some strings.

Portfolio Cull

I’ve removed some of my older, and less noteworthy t-shirts from my portfolio. If you were about to buy one, or remember one that you’d like to see again, send me a bmail and I can bring it back for you. However, I doubt you’ll miss any of the ones I’ve removed.

- Paul

t-shirt sale, for no good reason

I’m dropping the markup on a few of my favourite shirts, for no reason other than I think other people will like them too. It just happens to be coinciding with some holiday or whatever.

Anyway, without further ado, the following shirts will be about $10 cheaper than usual for a short time:

I’ve also added these two new shirts to the sale:

Speed Tee Challenge

New speed t-shirt challenge will be happening soon.

Your topic will be announced over here this Thursday April 2nd at 10am GMT (London), 8pm EDT (Melbourne) or 2am PDT (San Francisco). This time you will have 24 hours to complete your designs.

You heard it straight from the orange muppet’s mouth!

A year for self portraits, part two.

Read part one here

The second self portrait for 2009. This time I did use a very low-res photo as reference. I’m basically trying to figure out the style. I’m frustrated with how messy I am. I have no control over the pen. My hope is to work at it until I get a strong line without wobbling. At the moment I can only do that with a fast stroke… which is invariably inaccurate, so I fall back to sketchy lines. Bleh.

Also, colour. I’m no good at colour, so I’m trying to keep it to about 3 of them. Although, I do plan to have coloured lines, instead of basic black. When I was in primary school, art teachers would get shitty with me for never using colour. I grew up in love with comics, and for the most part – the good ones are black and white. It’s just stuck with me… but I don’t know, I think

A year for self portraits.

This is a cropped detail of my first self portrait for 2009. It’s something I do occasionally, but I’ve never really completed one because I’ve never had a reason to. That, and I never thought anyone else would appreciate them. Basically I do self portraits as practise, using myself as the only willing model that has exactly the same amount of spare time (and patience) as I do.

Now I have a reason to complete one, although I’m not going to reveal what that reason is until I have finished. (ie. Once I know that I’m not going to abandon it half way through.)

So, to that end. I’m going to start many rough sketches, and will likely complete only one. I’ll also post some of my progress here, as I get closer to the self portrait that I think I’m capable of.

I didn’t actually look in a mirror o

I'm coming home.

After two and a half months in South East Asia, Bec and I will be flying home to Melbourne tonight. I can tell you, I’ve been missing my wacom quite a bit and look forward to making some new shirts.…

Be on the look out for designs with titles like:

It’s plainly obvious why the singing bird was caged. – Ahhha! Take that Angelou!
CAMBODIAN PARTY PEOPLES … if you’ve been there, you’ll know.
Don Det Appreciation Society …this is only for people that have been to, and appreciate the wonderful little island called Don Det. Especially those who have been abandoned on the border by a bus company. Currently, membership consists of 8 people.
Anything you can do, I can charge money for.

And many others.

I’ve also been “commissioned” to design a tattoo for a fellow Don Detian, which will be a first for m

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