super hi-res poster art

I’ve uploaded my first hi-res image suitable for large (the largest) posters.

It’s a simple design, but it’s muddafukkin huge. I’ve always found it difficult to work with exceptionally high resolutions in Painter, but now that my computer has been upgraded with a quadbike core or something it at least can handle my brush strokes without delay.

The only problem that remains is that some of the brushes (at least some of the ones that I like to use) become somewhat unstable at high resolutions – meaning, if I enlarge a brush to the point where it is big enough to draw a large thick (yet tapered) line it has a bit of trouble. It’s not a giant problem, I mean, I can work around it with trial and error. I just wish there were some magical perfect brush, with settings made just for me and no need for tinkering.

I like the scratchboard tool, but it has trouble with corners and tight details. Converting it to a circular brush fixes this, but introduces a degree of pixelation that I don’t like.

Does anyone else use Painter for illustration purposes, and if so, what brushes and settings do you use?

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