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Red Bluff, Ca., United States

University of Ca,San Jose Ca. and Santa Cruz. / Life Credential, State Of California ,Special Designated Subjects, Art. / Taught Outreach...

Blue Collar Santa

When you stand in lines in the Christmas rush you start to people watch for lack of anything else to do . I noticed one particular man with a huge cart brim full of all manner of christmas presents and wrapping paper. It was the Dollar store, your dollar goes a long way here if you play it smart. I noticed the toys and trinkets and the practical house ware gifts as they were shuttled onto the counter. He made haste as he was aware on the many shoppers waiting in line behind him. I was most struck by the rolls of colorful wrap. The old fashioned kind that you can shred and rip apart on Christmas morning with glee. not the fancy color coordinated to impress . His face was rosy from the cold and his gold leather work boots still bore traces of concrete and mud fresh from a construction site. I could tell this was a man who had just come off a job in the cold and rain, he had probably had to wait until the last minute to get his pay and rush to do the last minute shopping. I was thinking how all those presents would be heaped under the tree in the colorful wrap every last one . He paid in cash and pushed his cart out of the store. He hesitated in front of the Salvation Army Kettle , cash still in hand , I saw him put one his large bills into the Kettle. " Merry Christmas to you sir "the bell ringer replied.

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