patti haskins

Red Bluff, Ca., United States

University of Ca,San Jose Ca. and Santa Cruz. / Life Credential, State Of California ,Special Designated Subjects, Art. / Taught Outreach...

Rain of Leaves

Staring out into the November sky, I sit at my art table with coffee mug in hand waiting for inspiration. The sun is in hiding today,that little chill has caught my attention,it will be a good working day . It is the first day I have been alone with my thoughts, drifting back to events I had long ago put away, I try not to dwell on yesterdays and recently decided to only focus on now. It’s good defense against retelling a story to someone you have already bored the hell out of for the second or third time. Drifting back like Alice in the rabbit hole, I am suddenly aware of leaves from the Mulberry trees flying against my window with such force, the downpour of golden leaves obscures the view from my vantage point. As I sit mesmerized, leaves rain down with a vengeance as I try to savor this last burst of the gold . The next rain will be cold and driven and the trees stripped bare of the golden leaves .

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