patti haskins

Red Bluff, Ca., United States

University of Ca,San Jose Ca. and Santa Cruz. / Life Credential, State Of California ,Special Designated Subjects, Art. / Taught Outreach...

Watching the sky

It was not much of a summer,the fires in the mountains left us here in Northern California choking from the murky smoke,the sun was a distant object . Oh! but the sunsets were the rewards of the day. The sun transformed into a crimson ball hanging over the silhouetted trees . Down to the river banks to soak in the glow of the last rays reflected in the water . Light now gone ,brandy and water gone . I walk back home.,feeling like you do coming out of a movie house after you have seen a really good flick, still in the moment.
Today I heard the wild geese gathering noisily for their departure south. I felt the first chill , The promise of autumn to end this summer of smoke and ash. The clouds are rolling in from the coast, we look to the sky for the promise of the first rain.

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