Me to the rescue!!!!!

I’ve signed up as a Havanese rescue foster mom. What the heck is a Havanese? They’re cute little dogs that originally came from Spain and travled with Royalty to Cuba (Havana). They are small, but sturdy – sort of like a contual puppy!

Two weeks ago I took Tanya in. She has an adoptive dad coming to take her home next weekend. I met the guy and he’s very, very nice and Tanya liked him right away.

The pups are rescued from puppy mills. Many of the mills are run by Menonites and Amish (can you believe it?!). They treat the dogs like a ‘product’. One of the rescue ladies went to buy a whole litter of 8 pups and returned with only one because the ‘miller’ told her, very nonchallantly, “Oh, the otherones froze last night.” !!!

Many of the dogs are kept in wire crates stacked five high – the pups on the bottom get pooped and peed on by the dogs in cages above them. The females live in the wire cage, sometimes never leaving it, and crank out litter after litter of puppies until they grow too old or die, or are let loose to fend for themselves. Once I learned about this I had to help.

Normally I wold have 2 tiny six-week-old pups and keep them in the bathroom upstairs where the floor is heated and they’d be away from our dogs until they are deemed healthy. I am their link between their littermates/mom and the real world and people. So, several times a day I open the bathrrom door and let them roam out at their own pace and sniff me and ‘explore’ the world a little at a time. However, when I tok Tanya a couple of weeks ago, she was three months old and rough-and-tough-and-hard-to-diaper, lol. She’s healthy, so could be with us downstairs. She’s wearing Gracie out (lab/great dan mix, ten years old), George, our Beagle who had abandonment issues (we rescued him from the side of the road) so he’s doing his best to ignore her. I’ve been potty training her and she learned very fast.

She has SO much energy – I’m exhausted, it’s like having a two-year-old child in the house – she chews everything – but I love knowing she’ll have a happy home, not a life of torture. I’ll miss her a lot when she goes ‘home’ but I’ll get over it and move on to saving the next pup.

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