Time's a flyin'!

Just got back from a family reunion – my sis & Dad (age 89) came from Oklahoma, My daughther, 4 kids, 3 dogs and 1 husband came from ‘Memphus" and my Son/Daughter-in-law and us (me and himself) came from Michigan – we all met at Washington State Park in DeSoto, MO and I’d rented Cabin 11 which was once the Park Rangers home – large, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths – set away from everything (except Hwy 21 which has a LOT of traffic and is quite noisy).

Dad wanted to see the OU/Texas football game and we ended up in a place called “Frogz” – a bowling alley/bar. The people there were great and the witress (bar maid?_ PC?) moved a table and dining chairs to make Dad comfy. My sis and 2 of my grandkids bowled, played video games and pool.

We also met a guy named “Bucket Head’ who was very drunk but quite happy, who wore one of the metal peanut buckes on his head – he said he’d just gotten out of prison, but Mrs. Bucket Head rolled her eyes and shook her head ’No!” He also said he served in Vietnam in 1969 = that explains a lot!

There were 12 peeps and 2 pups – and we ate, drank, and beed merry – it was great!

We were there for 4 days and it flew by – now I’m spending hour up on hour uploading 600 digital photos and putting them into a Kodak photo book – groan.

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