Earth is a Game

I’ve read a lot of history, and watched a lot of documentaries about life here on earth and I’ve decided that earth is really God’s Computer War Game.

War, weapons, military might and huge egos to fuel them seem to be the major theme. Wiping out the village, town or civilization or a particular ethnc or religious group is the objective. Thousands or even millions of people need to die, preferably innocents, with extra points given for the old, infirm and children that are taken out as slowly and painfully as possible. Starvation, torture, intimidation, fear, manipulation are all important trump cards.

You choose your game piece:
!. King, President, Ruler, Pope or other religious leader.
2. A weapons manufactuer
3. A wealthy land owner or corporate CEO
4. A bank president or a Real Estate developer
5. Media Mogul

Then you choose your era

1. Prehistoric
2. Bronze Age
3. Middle ages
4. Colonial Times
5. 1800’s (The American Civil war is always popular).
6 1900’s – lots of modern choices – The Spanish Civil War , World War I, III, Civil war in just about any country, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq or just about anyplace in the Middle East or Africa.

In order for the game to continue, a war has to be going on in at least a half-dozen places on the planet at once. If peace breaks out, the leaders have to pick a spot and make up something to scare the beejeesus out of one half of the world and turn them agains the other half. This can be tricky at time, and people question why a war is being faught. The reason is, God wants his war games and he want’s them now! No wars, no need for the planet and a comet or flood wipes the playing board clean and the set up has to start all over again.

The rules change daily.
Sometimes there are no rules at all.

The player with the most deaths,mayhem, money and power under their belt wins until the next war is started,. No longer than 20 years of peace can exist between wars. This is to give the defeated civilzations to recover, become rich and powerful and pound the crap out the last one that won. Rome was a big winner for a long time, but their time ran out. The UK wond a lot of points, but they had to return some countries and continents to the original inhabitants so THEY could fight among themselves and start more wars.

I’m hoping that if I’m really good, I’ll end up on a peaceful, loving planet in my next life. I think earth is a substitue or prep area for hell. As the people of Darfur.

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