Thank God this year is almost ended....

Thursday 30-11-2010
7.00 in the evening tried my partner to commit suicide by strangling.
I have prevented it with a force I don’t know of myself by tearing off the belt around his neck.
He did survive and is taken to a psychiatric hospital.
On the doorstep to 2011 a strong hero, a fighter is almost defeated by a severe life, his will power which was his strongest weapon in a life of misery is destroyed. It’s turned in wanting to be dead.…

An ultimate cry for help…and now they listened and react on his and my constantly cries for real help…. I do hope it’s not too late and he will find his own self back for dealing with it. For me…I do what I can, no more I can do then survive and hold on to life. Trying to realize and see the good things are there still to.
My hopes are not distroyed yet, the


Occasionally I bumped into groups which are really interesting but where you just can’t join. Only when you’re invited by members of the group.
With other words, joining is only possible on invitation, if not, too bad the doors stay closed. I have tried to get answer of some hosts of the groups about that, no reaction or a vaguely send a mail to “name” so far, I tried that once but no answers.…

For me that are the EXCLUSIVE groups: Shutting out all others from a participating or share the group. There must be a good reason for that no doubt…which one is it?

Ofcourse everyone has the right to do so, agree totally with that but still it gives me a sort of uncomfortable feeling, that’s personal mind my words.

Though I would like to know who ever is invited into these exclusive groups and on w

Christmas wish

My very best Christmas wishes for all RB friends and fellow Bubblers!
Dear members, friends,
This year I joined RedBubble and even there are some major changes made by RedBubble for the(ir) good or….STOOOOP! That discussion is endless.
Ok again: This year I joined RedBubble I haven’t any regrets by doing that. Reason a fine community of great passionate friends, the support, the laughs, the sharing in good and bad times, the inspiration and learning was and is wonderful! Thank you all so very much!
Thereby added my wishes for you all: A Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you and your loved ones happiness, health and all the best!
That’s a wish from the bottom of my heart!
Warm regards

(fooled with camera and Gimp a bit)

Event Christmas in Old Kampen in the Netherlands

Hello members of Redbubble!…

I would like to inform you, if you are interested, about a great vintage plus modern open air event takes place in the old city centre of Kampen on the 17th and 18th of December 2010.
The festival takes place on both days starting at 5.00 pm (afternoon) and will be ended at 10.00 pm.
It’s a lovely medley of all sorts of Dickens influences, costumes, (street, dance, mime)theater, markets, choires, performances of all kind. Lot’s of people are dressed up Victorian style.

A perfect opportunity to shoot some real good photographs while enjoying the beautiful city in all it’s Merry Christmas atmosphere.

Unfortunately the website is providing only dutch information but the photo impressions show you a lot.
So if you want to attend it you’re very welcome, I will be ther

Top Ten Winner Retro Kid Billy Cowboy!

Howdy friends :))

That little kid Bily Cowboy is somethin’special for sure… but that he was that special to be a Top Ten Winner….
He actually did, can you imagine that little lad wanting to be a hero is actually doing that :))

I read the comment ….staring at it and thought: Cant’ be, close it and read it again later on…
A while later….it’s there still Waaaaaaaaa I am so happy with it!!
Thanks to all voters friends who expressed that they like it too…I’m delighted with that, thanks thanks thanks!!
Thanks also to the group Wild West Show for giving the opportunity to join in!
Wish you all a fine Sunday! I’m going to tell Kid Billy now what a loved hero he is :))
Warm regards Patjila YIHAAAAAAAA

Wild West Show group

Sold a Christmas card!

Delighted and very happy!
Another Christmas in ( C ) old Kampen is * sold*!
Thank you so much for that! You made my day and very thankful you appriciate the Victorian atmosheric Christmas Event and even bought a card of that!

Thank you Redbubble friends for the comments and encouragements which are endless and so very appriciated and valued!
Thank you all!


on the homepage ....Wooooo uh oh it's true...

Yess a photograph of me is on the homepage…can’t believe it myself and just staring…funny is that I don’t like shopping it has to be done as quick as I can…
only photographing is for me like shopping I think :)
gosh delighted to see it…still don’t believe yet, thanks to all who commented it!
It’s now time to go for one bottle of perfume I guess…. I was there again and tried some this time but not bought anything…
Next workshop….who knows I will go to their shop celebrate the feature maybe :)

Sale :)

Many many thanks to the buyer of the christmas greeting card and also many thanks from the bottom of my heart for all who commented and react on Christmas in © old Kampen!
I am really delighted and thankful for the sale and all the kind reactions of my Bubble friends who are so dear to me since started here!


New New Year season is started right now!

Our house
Our house it has a crowd
There’s always something happening
And it’s usually quite loud
Our mum she’s so house-proud
Nothing ever slows her down
And a mess is not allowed

Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our…

Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our…
Something tells you that you’ve got to get away from it…
Madness Lyrics

Yess the season has started tonight: Carbide shooting! Report from the war zone.
In the day and in the night
Happy New year….

Ice Music so fitted right now :)

Found this… so well fitted with the recent icy bites given generously by the Winter season.
Yet ice is in instrument on itself…strange but attractive thought when you are skating and hear the ice sometimes cracking. That sound is special, this vid makes clear that it can be even more special….


Got this today from a good friend Sylvia, we send eachother the laughs for the day :))…


To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity

1.At Lunch Time, Sit In Your Parked Car With
Sunglasses on and point a Hair Dryer
At Passing Cars.
See If They Slow Down.

2.On all your cheque stubs, write ‘For Marijuana’

3.Skip down the street Rather Than Walk and see how many looks you get.

4.Order a “Diet Water” whenever you go out to eat, with a serious face.

5. Sing Along At The Opera.

6. When The Money Comes Out The ATM, Scream ‘I Won! I Won!’

7. When Leaving the Zoo, Start Running towards the Car Park, Yelling ‘Run For Your Lives! They’re Loose!’

8. Tell Your Children Over Dinner, ’Due To The Economy,

We are Going To Have To Let One Of You Go.’

And The Final Way To Keep A

Bargain hunt :) test....

Please tell me am I going to be bonkers??? While working on this as a test suddenly my screen changes in the old Redbubble lay out… I real swear….I didn’t touch any other buttons then typing…..argggggggg
Anyway I just wanted to see below how this is working out….have no idea…

Ok click save and curious what will happen….
Wouldn’t believe this…then the new lay out is back again…grrrrr
haunting hour here??? or am I really getting whacky…ok another try…

Featured so happy with that!

My huge thanks for the features I have received! Thanks to the never ending kind support of my friends on Redbubble and the groups. I can’t tell you how encouraging that is to go on with it! Have a brilliant Sunday and i do hope that the Bubblemeets here and there are a great succes with a lot of fun meeting and shooting :))))
Warm regards for you all!
(Below a few recent features in groups)

3 features!!
The best of Redbubble
1th Knight
Hats and hat boxes



“The most difficult thing in the world is to reveal yourself, to express what you have to. As an artist, I feel that we must try many things – but above all we must dare to fail. You must be willing to risk everything to really express it all.”

John Cassavetes quote (American Actor and Screenwriter, 1929-1989)…

I discovered lately that you can favourite your own work. Pondered about that, there was a voice coming up instantly and said with a grave serious tone: “Who are you to judge, don’t be silly and don’t exaggerate your skills, don’t overcompensate please. You are good enough without favouriting yourself!”

On the other hand another more uplifting voice says:
Hey why not? Don’t you appriciate your own work is it that bad that you refuse to favour it? If others like it, favourite it, who

Deeply touched

Today there were two moments being deeply touched.
First moment: I received a token of friendship sended to me that moved me deeply, thank you so much for that dear friend.
It was fantastic and on that specific moment it was so very welcome. You know sometimes there are days you rather want to skip because that are not the finest moments. Such token helps tremendous by that, ao precious for me.…

Another touching moment was when I saw this, the title artwork and vid were just breathtaking.

Don’t misunderstand me every time I log in to see what new work is added there are such moments of diffrent artists and every moment when you appriciate the created art works and photographs is a treasure on itself.

Often it is the state of mind which influences your choices and feelings towards an art w

A song that stays in your mind....and uplifts you

Paloma Faith she is a singer I love her singing her cloths and just as a person. Ofcourse for as far I know her :)…

This particulair song stays in my mind through the day but it’s worth it! It’s full of joy and uplifting. You can hear it now regularly on the BCC as an advertisement for Strictly Come Dancing, not a bad choice in my modest opinion ha ha.

Have a lovely day hope you can smile about this lovely crazy song with a lot of truth innit :)) xx


Angels watching over me with smiles upon their face
Cause I have made it through this far in an unforgiving place
It feels sometimes this hill’s too steep for a girl like me to climb
But I must knock those thoughts right down I’ll do it in my own time

I don’t care (care care)
I’m half way there (nowhere)
On a road that leads me to straight t

Featured 1# Artists of Redbubble

I would express my deeply gratitude to all here on Redbubble for all the comments, the favourites, the adding to watchlists and not to forget the interacting. That means a lot to me and I do hope I support you all too as much as I can because it means so much for all of us to have such a great feedback possibillity like here.
Today I was featured in 1# Artists of Redbubble

That means an awfull lot to me not only to be assured that I can make pics but also that people appriciate it (and thats you all included) Sometimes that is just so good to find out when times are not exactly easy to go through!
Compliments, interacting, being featured, having fun and being accepted is such a nice extra addition to enjoy :)
Ok I stop now being sentimental :) Wish you all a brill day wherever you are wherev…

Bloodshot eyes :)

In Holland there is no real tradition on celebrating Halloween, we copied bits and pieces during recent years and celebrate it now too on not a large scale.…

But I do now! Have experienced the fun, preparations & parties in the UK so diffrent as in Holland. Soooo:
The (self grown yet tiny) pumpkins will be carved and put in the window sill, spiders collected and webs are ready for decorating, a cross eyed black spider as broche is ready to wear. No costume party organized here but ok, in daily life I am already undercover dressed he he.
The recipe for …..bloodshot eyes is prepared last year, tested and tastes nice but looks horrible creepy! This year it will something diffrent, when it’s done I will make a photograph of it :))

I love the celebration of Halloween in either way will show the s

This speaks for itself, am fully agree with it

Sign the petition to Save the Arts…

If you are working within the arts or interested in the arts in the UK then you might be interested in signing this petition to try and prevent radical cuts to current levels of arts funding, which will decimate what has been one of the UK’s chief success stories over the past 20 years.

The Prime Minister has pledged to take seriously any issue backed by a petition with 100,000 signatures. The DCMS meeting about the future of arts funding is taking place on Tuesday 14 September 2010. So time is short.

The campaign was launched on Friday 10 September 2010 with the release of a new video animation by artist David Shrigley highlighting the effect of the proposed funding cuts and a new work by Jeremy Deller with Scott King.

Each week for the next six weeks,

Back home after a wonderful refreshing and memorable long weekend!

Back home and back on Redbubble renewed refreshed by seeing my friends, the sea, nature, Rockabilly Rock&Roll, Summer feeling wow it was cracking!
Wanna thank Abbas, Chris, Hans Anna, Jolanda, Cat Scratch, Femke, Lobke, Rein, Maamke Doeksen, Vincent, all the bands and friends they were fantastic. The memories are treasures to keep!
I even dived in the sea 2 days in a row fantastic and walked miles on a sunny beach in the dunes made many many photographs what a weekender that was!
Hellloooooo I’m back, will catch up here, good to be back my friends. xx

A short break and a date with the sea!

Dear fellow bubble friends,

A few days break for a date with the sea! Unexpected opportunity and so wonderful.
I will be not online for a few days and spend some quality time as it’s called on the isle of Terschelling. YYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYY

I’m thrilled that is possible thanks to friends whom support made it that possible! The camera goes with me, my rockin’ outfit and …wow have a rockin’ rockabilly weekender! the sea (yes I will dive in it no matter what weather it is!) oh oh, the dunes, the music and friends..
looking so forward to that! Dance dance dance!
Till soon all and take care wherever you are will be back refreshed with new energy and treasures to share xx

Purchases on Redbubble

Ofcourse you are curious how the printing and lay out of Redbubble looks like in real.
Finally I got the opportunity to buy some cards. Bought a greeting card of Robin Brown.
Also bought a vintage post card which I had created myself, was very curious about that.
Must say both looked very good! I’m convinced now that a purchase on Redbubble is worth to do so. He he strange, though nice to see your own work and others for the first time like that I must admit XD
T-shirt purchase and laminated print next on wish list!

guess that will be look great when framed….


Have a great Monday!

Humor that keeps you going :)

Keeping up appearances the TV series you can appriciate it you can hate it, that’s perfectly ok either way. I love that Bucket Woman!…

Ofcourse it’s disgusting funny the way she acts and expresses hooooorrible towards others though a scream to watch it.
Keeping up appearances is for me also a way to give yourself a boost (not like Hyacinth does don’t get me wrooong he he) more to focus on the fun part of life the nice things the little treasures and the wits (hey I know here some who have achieved a master degree being witty ^^ im only an apprentis yet) Diffrent kinds of humor without hurting someone else (too badly). It’s the creme de la creme of life…especially the moments when life’s difficult to cope with and you need to go on.
have a great SUN day….if not let the sun in with humor and a

What now...

I’m here to be distracted for what happened last night and the days before.
It’s a long story and will not bother you with all the details that’s not helping nor me either anybody.
You know the feeling about looking forward to have a great time, seeing old friends listen to good music having a great weekender? You can long to that like a child for birthday presents.
My (ex)partner (we are together again another long story) is organisator/producer of a rock&roll weekender on the Island of Terschelling, next week it’s happening. During 11 years now he does this already in between illness and countless problems with his health. His mind is so strong and every time he gets up again and goes on.…

Once a talented footballer…sportsman first class, Rockabilly lover, life lover. I dare say Rockabilly

A smile costs nothing sales are started from .....NOW!

A little card bought in the church near Whitby Abbey with for me a wonderful text just to remind on those days that things are not going as you wanted :) and hey it works when a grimm grin changes into a smile towards others you get a reaction.

As a Cloggie it’s tradition that you go for bargains…this is a real wanna have bargain isn’t it? Cost ya nothing!

© Tim Tiley

A big thanks for all who favourited my work

hereby I would like to thank all who favourited my work during the last months.. I do forget so often to thank for that…it’s not ment to forget believe me.
I am really happy with every fav, that’s why I write a journal about it!
For me is entering Redbubble like having a warm bath with bubble ofcourse XD
Why compare it with a bath… just because I haven’t a bath anymore since I went back to Holland, only a shower. If you love to have a bath then it’s missed terribly….can assure you that.

That’s why Redbubble is like a warm bath, if the bubble wasn’t there then it was missing horribly too XD
again thank you all it’s so appriciated!

Now you think there will be a bath or something added to this journal…. noooo way :)


Yesterday a big surprise again: I made a sale! That makes a day so happy with it and thank you so much Dave!

Top Ten...

In top 10….
Every time when I see the great art works photographs of others in a top 10 or featured that is so wonderful and so well deserved for all who are choosen.…

Years ago I hided all my photographs and artwork in the attic so to speak….because it was good but never good enough… don’t want to blame my parents at all.
Still parenting and growing up, evironment had something to do with it. A Dutch saying: “Act normal that’s more then enough” that expresses it a bit.
Being artistic is not providing you any good income aim for a teaching job and keep your art just for leisure, that was the message/advice according to the normal way of life.
And I did, though rebellious more now than then…and yet believing that creating was only a nice addition for fun. Through the years that gone by I star

Redbubble is a bit jumpy :)

Hi fellow Bubblers,
Noticed that the website was a bit unstabile? My idea was that it was “jumping” a bit :) my sincere apologize if I have deleted your comments…I think it’s happened. I didn’t intent to do that but the damage was done already……so sorry. Your comments are all so apriciated!!! Or….I maybe do need: /oo/ , a better coordination or more patience…. next time when reading the comments, which is such a pleasure don’t you all agree? Take care outthere, happy shooting and till soon my friends yes you are….…

Wish you a happy Monday and till soon!

o88oooo oooo oooo oo ooo oooo ooooooooo oooo oooo888 888 888 888 888 888 888 888 888 888888 888 888 888 888 888 888 888 888 888888 888o88 8oo888o888o888 888ooo88

Domestic tasks are so boring.

No I don’t normally cleaning in a skirt like this XD But hey I’m not normal :)) not this time anyway. How despreate can you be. Was curious if I liked the skirt still….in between made the lousy photograph, changed and finished the cleaning in normal mode. Back to reality…hmpff.
Have a nice weekend wherever you go, whatever you do!

Made a sale!!! 50s pin up with love exclusively design!

Thrilled, happy dancing, cheering start today on Monday!
Made a sale made a sale, made a sale many thanks to the buyer of the pin up tee, I do hope she pleases you in all ways! x
Want to express my thanks also to Robin for the encouragement and wits as motivation to upload my designs for tees!

And… I have sold a sticker of it too! Many thanks for buying it!

Aloha on a gloomy rainy Sunday

Know the feeling?
Outside the rain is pouring down gloomy not a ray of sun?
The peaceful silence however lovely for a while but now looking for some fun.
Yep it’s Sunday, the sound of distance churchbells ringing, a car passes by.
It’s time to travel and fastly book a trip to, hmm let’s see…..Hawaii.
Standing almost on the * floordrobe quoting the famous words: “I have nothing to wear!”
That’s a lie, a tee that perfectly fits to Hawaiian gear is there!

Off for the shortest holiday ever (in my mind) cya soon will bring you greetings from Hawaii :))


Note: All characters appearing in this work are not fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is not coincidental.

  • floordrobe: quite a few of your clothes at any one time might be on the floor…it’s called a floordrobe.

This is a scream!

Want eur laugh please check dis, wha’ eur joke.
Miss Yorkshire, that dialect but hey woohahaaaa this is goooood :) Wish you all a nice weekend XD

If you can’t bl… get it… you bl… watch it and have a scream :)

Important descision! Away with the wishlist!

Monday just a perfect day to make an important descision. A moment to ponder and act.
I’m going to delete my wishlist! Haven’t we all wishlists? It starts at birthdays, Santa and ended till we die… how bold and generalized expressed excuse me :).…

What is a wish list anyway? In my opinion: it’s a list of things or actions, moments you’d like to have or do once in a lifetime or right away… if I could, if I would, wish I had, wish I was, and so on.

Some get instant loans for that or a radical face make over, others wait for a life time, some act patiently towards it, others are upset not to get what they wished so badly. And… there are ofcourse people who don’t need this at all. That are, in my modest opinion, the real artists living a life!

Ofcourse it isn’t wrong to wish things, not at all,

Had a beautiful day with a lot of adventures!

Life has its ups and downs the art is to get over the downs and appriciate the ups.
Yesterday was definitely an up added. Thankful for that!

In Summer in the city here is every week an event organized with a theme. Todays event was Medieval theme as a tradition almost now. And that’s my cuppa!
So I went early this morning overthere and came home late with a load of 250 photographs and stories. Tomorrow its Redbubble time again curious what new treasures are added here :) and maybe I have some photographs worth to add perhaps maybe if…oh well will see if there is something worth to publish.
Take care outthere and see you soon! Have a nice weekend.

Monday attack.

You know the feeling? Waking up early and see a bright blue sky, sun rise and a promising brill tropical day is starting. You get ready to enjoy the day with plans to carry out.…

Then reality is attacking you always sneaky though with a force that blows you almost off your feed.
Reality has a label: Carer!
This particulair Monday was one of many in a row.
- acute confusional state of partner
- calling specialist
- emergency
- keep an eye on him and talk
- call an ambulance
- keep an eye on partner and talk
- explain what day what’s happening why hospital again
- pack bag
- keep an eye on him and talk
- pack lists of medicins
- make place for stretcher
- keep an eye on him and talk
- keep the cats inside
- welcome the ambulance crew, oh good one of them is a “regular” he knows….
- get the car ready
- drive

I shot my boss!

Maybe childish I don’t care I’m sooo happy with it, first time a real hit! After practising posture, shoulders, pulling, second shot Kaboom!!

After that my next arrow was way out of target and completely disapeared… won one lost one. Will search again tomorrow trying to find it back.

Actually won two…. made a t-shirt today! Same subject but slightly diffrent interpretation

Medieval adventures with archery joust, cloggies defeated!

Sunday: Early up, took the train to the north of Holland. Major delays due the heavy weather overnight. Saw the trees struck by lightning and the remnants of storms and rain. Arrived a lot later then planned on the horse race track where the all the knights had already gathered the day before and made their encampment. It is still hot as English mustard 35 degrees Celcius and a burning sun!
Happily the thunderstorms and rain where bravely faced and the damage was restored in the middle of the night. You could speak of (k)nightriders in the storm then.
Equipped with camera, enough water I start my search to Fairbow to meet and greet. Special mission was the give my regards in person and getting some instructions for shooting the longbow. After that attending the joust!
It was a fantastic feel…

Archers Paradox and jousting ....

I am an newby (oh sorry an apprentice) archer… a dream comes true. As a child I would like to be an archer but never got a bow. That was not for girls according my loving parents.
If you can’t have it draw it, let your fantasies go on paper.
There are still some old drawings which I made when I was very young 4 years I think. My aunt had kept them all and I saw the drawings again when she was passed away.
Anyway the archer is drawn on some too.…

Not so long ago I bought a bow earned with my own designs on a collegue t-shirt website so to say. That felt soo good! It is a children’s practise bow for a start ( and cheaper) and to learn the basics first. After that I want to “aim” for a real authentic longbow.
So happy I found here on Redbubble Hillary Robinson an longbow archer herself. She po

The little label inspires still :)

dunno if this is a journal post or something else…. rather a muse I guess :)

The little label.

Years ago I bought a t-shirt because I liked it. The T-shirt was labelled and at home, when I was starting to remove that label suddenly that label draws my attention. A sort of poem is on it.
I read the poem, and liked it very much. I decided to keep that label with me. This happened 8 years ago.
Still that small piece of text has an certain impact on me and gives me still inspiration to start or to do the things I would like to do.
I know it’s a commercial label but the person who invented it and wrote those words has done a great job, even after buying the t-shirt….. Because that label was for drawing attention and it has a message as well. That message on it has been so powerful for me and it


A big thank you to all who favourited my photographs. It’s an honour to be favourited by you, who are all such great artists, from who I can learn so much and getting inspiration and laughs.

Thank you for taking time to watch and comment…. I am really very happy with it and it’s mutual! Great to interact and meet new friends here!

Wish you a glorious day/week and lot’s of inspiration here and in daily life and don’t forget to laugh!

“Always remember you’re unique, just like everyone else.” (a bumper sticker on internet made me laugh :)

Warm regards


I need more eyes and time :)

Everytime when I start with browsing on Redbubble I find something new, beautiful and stunning.
Love it and need more eyes and lot’s of more time to see it all. Till so far I am really inspired by sharing and exchanging. My to do list grows and grows or should I call it wish list, yep better.
Ofcourse before I made photographs already all the time, now there is some extra dimension to it and that’s the sharing and try to join challenges. Better then stash all pics on DVD and do nothing with it, which happened most of the time. Before that I only published a book with drawings and photographs.
Anyway wish all of you a brill weekend and enjoy (if you like) the World Championship Football, may the best win!


Pondering of uploading some of my art work here, or rather stick to photography first.
“My first book”
To be honest I don’t know yet so will leave it for now and just do it when the time is right.
There is so much inspiration on Redbubble! I love it especially because I don’t have a chance at the moment to attend workshops or other projects, and therefore is Redbubble a really nice community where you can learn and join in, expressing and socializing.
Ok end of commercial break :)
Wish you all lots of inspiration and creativity!

PC is working again

Yay the pc is working again… don’t ask me how and what but I did give it a go and it works for the time being! After all I wouldn’t know what to do without a pc. A new new one isn’t an option yet so I hope my dear old friend will keep up a bit.

PC troubles at the moment.

My dear but very old pc is having some troubles..and need to be repaired. Let’s hope for the best. My replies will be perhaps a little later. Wish you in the mean time lots of creativity and hope to see you all very soon again :)
Life is all about creativity also with this pc issues.
Kind regards Patjila.

About privacy and publishing.

Unfortunately I think I had to remove a photograph of the little refugee girl. Although I had asked twice via mail approval for publicity to the parents of the child. It was begin 2009. Both mails wheren’t answered. I thought I could publish the photograph now, so I did.
Ofcourse I checked about privacy rules and laws for as much I could. The photograph was taken on a War Weekender so it was a public event, people who are actually joining can be aware of the fact that there are a lot of photographers who wanted to photograph the people who are dressed up.
The photograph was taken with all respect for the little girl. I got a message of the uncle of the little girl that he had overheard that the parents didn’t approve the publicity of this photograph. He told me to remove the photograph. I r…

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait