Top Ten Winner Retro Kid Billy Cowboy!

Howdy friends :))

That little kid Bily Cowboy is somethin’special for sure… but that he was that special to be a Top Ten Winner….
He actually did, can you imagine that little lad wanting to be a hero is actually doing that :))

I read the comment ….staring at it and thought: Cant’ be, close it and read it again later on…
A while later….it’s there still Waaaaaaaaa I am so happy with it!!
Thanks to all voters friends who expressed that they like it too…I’m delighted with that, thanks thanks thanks!!
Thanks also to the group Wild West Show for giving the opportunity to join in!
Wish you all a fine Sunday! I’m going to tell Kid Billy now what a loved hero he is :))
Warm regards Patjila YIHAAAAAAAA

Wild West Show group

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