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Lots and lots is going on and ongoing:

Firstly Halloween! It was fun being a witch again, though a bit risky flying my broom with the blustery wind. It was a safe landing anyway plus a lot of fun!

Saturday November 2th 2013 attended with an T-shirt design activity at the opening of a new GIVEAWAY shop. A special idea and initiative of Debby and Denise.Their shop looks fabulous!

" In spite of the overall wealth of the European Union (EU), poverty in the EU is still at a relatively high level. Nearly 1 in 7 people are at risk of poverty. The figures are even higher for some groups such as children and older people. However, the extent and seriousness of the problem is often not well understood either by policy makers or the general public. As a result sufficient urgency is not given to its eradication. Often this is because people only think of poverty as being something which is so extreme that it threatens people’s very existence and they associate this mainly with developing countries. However, the reality is that poverty in the EU is a very real problem which brings misery to the lives of many people. This is a direct attack on people’s fundamental rights, limits the opportunities they have to achieve their full potential, brings high costs to society and hampers sustainable economic growth. Poverty also reflects failures in the systems for redistributing resources and opportunities in a fair and equitable manner. These lead to deep-seated inequalities and thus to the contrast of excessive wealth concentrated in the hands of a few while others are forced to live restricted and marginalised lives, even though they are living in a rich economic area."

a note published 2010…nothing has changed, actually it’s worse then ever.

Politicians still think it doesn’t exist in their backyards….it does but they won’t admit it…

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