What is perfection?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what constitutes perfection. Does our definition of perfection change with advances in technology? During the 19th century quilters and weavers intentionally put “mistakes” in their work. It was thought that creating a perfect piece was like trying to be God, and only God could make something perfect.

Now we’re in the digital age. Does Photoshopping a photograph make it more perfect? Are flowers with their imperfections erased better flowers? Is any work that is purely digital from start to finish perfect by definition?

This type of thinking usually leads me back to the basics. Whatever medium that I’m working in at the moment, I go back to very basic design or techniques and start over. Try to look at it all differently and with a fresh eye. Simplify things. Photography isn’t my best medium, but I’ve been wanting to take some pictures of the zinnias from my garden. Get in as close as I can and not touch up any imperfections.

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