Just for Fun. Men Say the Oddest Things

This one goes under “How the MIghty Have Fallen.” About eight years ago, we were in Las Vegas on vacation. My then teenage daughter and I were window shopping in the Venetian Hotel and Casino. A man walked up to us and said, “Ladies, I want to congratulate you on your asses.” He then walked off. We never saw him again. My daughter still gets those comments. I do not.

Leslie, my daughter, called today from Manhattan where she attends college. She was laughing as a man had just said, “Hey, Ice Cream!” to her. We were wondering if he realized that there were more flavors of ice cream than vanilla. (We’re a rather pasty white bunch in our family.) I told her if it ever happened again for her to check and make certain that he wasn’t referring to Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey or Cherry Garcia!

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