What Did Women Do?

When I was in high school, my mother was in her 50s. My bedroom was the first one at the top of the stairs in the old house that I grew up in. Often at night, I’d hear clanking going on down in the kitchen. I’d go down to see what all the noise was and find my mother on her knees frantically searching for the chocolate chips. My grandmother had hidden them from the family, so that they’d be there when she needed to bake. As teenagers, my brother, sister, and I would joke about mother and her chocolate cravings.

OK, put the calendar ahead 30 years, and I’m craving chocolate. It’s my kitchen, and I have no livein parent to keep my hand out of the chocolate chip bag. Guilt over my mother’s cravings hit me every month as I depleted my chip supply.

This brings me to a question: What do/did women do who have never had ready access to chocolate? How do they survive those late nights with no chocolate chips, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate to devour? What was Europe like before chocolate became a common food? I really hate to think about it. Too bad there are no statistics on murder rates in Europe before and after chocolate was brought back from the New World.

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