Catching up

We’re back from the Thanksgiving round of visits to family members. We had a great time in Florida and New York. The main problem was packing for both climates!

Saturday we leave for Santa Fe, so I may be out of touch next week. Just wanted to let everyone know if we don’t have wifi at our friends house. We’re staying with friends from my husband’s job in Albuquerque and loading a Uhaul truck with stuff that we didn’t want the movers to touch when we moved last winter. We’ll be doing the I-40 drive home. It’s way less romantic than the old Route 66.

Cleaning out the Santa Fe studio will be bittersweet as it was supposed to be our retirement home. But life changes and needs change, too. If anyone wants to buy a house in Santa Fe with a wonderful photography/art studio, ours will be on the market next spring. It has tons of storage and a fully working darkroom for anyone still into film. We bought it from the man who does the non-model shoots for the Peruvian Collection catalog.

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