A Man Magnet

OK, this one is for all of you single women who want to meet men. Let me start by saying that I’m 57 years old. I’m holding up well for my age but am years past getting hit on by 30 year olds. I’ve also been married for 35 years, so I don’t think in terms of attracting men. This new phenomena is so obvious that I had to share the knowledge with other women.

Get a big black expensive looking camera with a telephoto and go out shooting! We were at my sister in law’s house on a golf course in Florida this week. Took a few pictures in the morning. That afternoon I was playing around with a new lens outside of a shopping mall. This hot guy in a Porsche pulls up beside me and asks if I was shooting at Stoneybrook that morning. Walked into an Apple Store to get a new laptop battery and had to run from the help asking questions about the camera. Went out to get shots of the sunset over the golf course had a couple of golfers ask me to take their pictures. Also had one man yell the same thing out of his car window.

So my conclusion isl….You single women borrow an expensive camera if you don’t own one, and GET OUT THERE!

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