Homecoming Day

Saturday is the big day in Fredonia for Homecoming. This year it seemed smaller and dirtier than in years past. I know that the high school has shrunk in size. The current band has nothing in common with the band that I marched in. We had real band uniforms and were drilled for hours on how to march correctly. Until recently there would be four or five bands from area high schools in the parade. This year it was only the Fredonia High band, and it’s now very small. There were fewer floats in the parade, and they were less elaborate than in years past. None the less, we congregated with a group of old friends in front of the Methodist Church to watch the parade.

After the parade, my sister and I went to the “hive” for the l960s mini reunion. That was sparse this year, too. The floods in June may have put a real damper on this years celebration. Laine, my sister, and I play alternately “Damn! He’s hot,” and “I’m glad that I didn’t marry him!” But it’s always nice to see everyone. Any Fredonia guys who might read this can guess which category they might fall into!

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