Home From Fredonia

My affection for the people that I grew up with increases with every trip home. There’s a level of manners and friendliness that has been retained in small towns that is hard to find out in the rest of the US. I get a level of comfort from Fredonia that I don’t find anywhere in the world. I love New Mexico, but it’s a different life…another life. That affection makes it hard for me to go home sometimes and witness the changes. Things have changed dramatically since I left for good in 1972. The commercial traffic downtown is almost gone. When I was a kid on Saturday afternoons, we got money from our parents and walked to the movie theater for the afternoon. Later when I was in junior high school, we walked to the drug store and got a soda, hung around a while, went window shopping, and often ended up at someone’s house playing card games. That’s mostly gone now.

The houses are a very mixed bag. I’ve taken pictures of some of the lovely Victorian homes that have been remodeled and look just wonderful. Often a total neglected wreck is standing next to one of the most beautiful houses in town. Signs of an upswing, but the town has little commercial traffic these days. Money for restoring these homes must be coming from out of town jobs.

The shots I’m posting are less art than history. Although, I’ve tried my best to use my photography and Photoshop skills to show Fredonia as I see it. It’s a part of the US that is disappearing. I hope everyone enjoys a look at a little known part of America.

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