Posting from Fredonia

To all my RB friends,
This is a quick and dirty posting. I’m at the public library checking on my web sites and email. My mom doesn’t know what a computer is let alone wifi. It’s been an interesting week. The town is as run down as I thought it would be. Not so much from last summer’s flood as from economic problems in gereral.

My school mates are looking decidely older…. as I must be! My high school boyfriend didn’t recognize me! The weather has done everything but snow. Saturday, the day of the Homecoming parade, was hot and humid. Yesterday, it rained off and on all day. Today started out cool and rainy and now is warming up and sunny. In between the weather changes, there was fog. Tomorrow, I take my mother to the eye doctor in Wichita. It’s about an 80 mile drive, so I’ll have a chance to see how the prairie west of town looks after the flood.

Best wishes everyone. I’ll start sifting through all of my watchlist when I get home.


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