Walking NYC

My daughter is working and going to school in New York. Last weekend I flew up from North Carolina for my first visit staying at her apartment in Brooklyn. Not a happy traveler at the best of times, I was apprehensive about traveling alone and taking the train into the city. My daughter and husband are the ]travelers in the family nothing phases them. I enjoy my house, pets, and quiet time alone at home being creative.

This was a charmed trip! My flight out of Raleigh-Durham was into Baltimore early. I got in as a stand by on an earlier flight out of Baltimore to MacArthur airport in Islip, Long Island. MacArthur is the best kept secret in travel in the US! It’s small, pleasant and easy to manage. It NEVER takes more than 20 minute Ronkonkoma station and you have a straight shot into Manhattan’s Penn Station. An hour train ride later, I was there so early that I walked to the lingerie store that my daughter works at on the Upper East Side.

The first fall weather must have blown in with my plane. It was cool, breezy, and just glorious all weekend. Saturday morning, I took the train into Manhattan with Les as she had to work. After leaving her at the store, I wandered. The first thing I ran into was a parade! The American Steuben Society, read that as the German-American society, was having it’s annual celebration. Of course, I shot pictures constantly. You have not lived until you hear My Girl, America the Beautiful, and Louie, Louie done as marches by an Oompah band! More wandering, quick lunch with Les and a trip through the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. It’s like a small Epcot exhibit for those of you who know Disney World. Tons of electronics to play with. And, it’s FREE! Sony Plaza also has an enclosed space with coffee stands, tables and chairs where you can sit as long as you like. Spent a couple of hours reading, resting, and watcing the 20 foot tall inflatable Spider Man hanging over the entrance.

After Les got off work we made a trip to Buttercup Bakery for cupcakes and ate Italian. On the subway to Brooklyn, we found the secret to getting all of the space that you need on crowded trains. Normally, New Yorkers have very little sense of personal space…..other than their own. Get on with a box of cupcakes and you get treated like royalty. Be old, crippled, or ill, they ignore you. Have cupcakes, and you are the most important person in Manhattan. Two sweet Puerto Rican “boys” in their 20s got on and politely offered me their seat. I declined, thinking that I probably needed to work off the cupcake binge. We started chatting with them. My head turning daughter got a little put off. She heard them saying, “Bonita, bonita.” Assuming it was about her, she started to thank them, when she realized that they were talking about me! Love those cultures where age is honored! One of then gave me a CD….of a Mennonite choir!

Sunday, Les was off work, so we walked across the Williamsburgh Bridge into the lower East Side. There was a party of people dancing the Tango on the bridge. Made a stop for tacos on the Lower East Side. Wandered over to Washington Square park to listen to the bands that play there on weekends. Shooting pictures all the way. Shopped at little for school clothes for Les and ate Japanese in the East Village. In all, we walked 11 miles!

Monday, it was up early and travel home. Sigh! The only down side to the whole weekend was that Les’ 20 pound cat ate my necklace.

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