Salsa Dancing

When do I learn to leave well enough alone? I love to cook. It’s one of my passions. My husband’s work had a party yesterday with Mexican food. First, let me explain that we moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina from Santa Fe, New Mexico last winter. New Mexicans are picky about their chile…..especially the transplants! The picnic was catered by the best Mexican restaurant in North Carolina. That’s saying something as there has been a huge influx of Mexicans to the state over the last 30 years. Unforrtunately, the salsas from the interior of Mexico are very different from those of Northern New Mexico. It also seems that the local restaurants dumb down their salsa for local tastes. Sooooo, I volunteered to make the salsa. It turned out to be for a 100 people! Spent all yesterday afternoon, with some help from my husband, slicing and chopping. We fixed classic Northern New Mecico salsa, pico de gallo, and watermelon salsa. Got it all to the party without much spillage, except for when our Basset Hound tripped me leaving the house. All of the party goers were appreciative of the effort. That made it worthwhile. Interesting evening as this is a university community, and the group were multicultural. They were bound by love of food, chatting, and volleyball.

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