A Little Lighter

After my last two blogs on mental illness, I thought that I’d go for something a little lighter. I’ve been on Redbubble two months now and have seen some interesting things. There are definitely some generalities that can be drawn from the different groups that make up RB. Here goes:

Not that any country is rude, but the Romanians are the most polite. Sorin and Catalin, you set the standard for being considerate.

The Australians make things hop. Maybe it’s a matter of the most members being from Australia, but it’s definitely less interesting when you guys are sleeping.

Don’t have a clue why, but no one photographs mushrooms and toadstools better than the Australians. You all have taken it to a high art form. I’m jealous.

The baby boomers are still out there being noisy, argumentative, and totally creative. I say this as one of the generation. We’ll go down kicking and screaming.

The blogs here are easily as interesting as the art, and the art is interesting! Love all of the aruging over artistic issues.

T-shirts are just plain fun to design.

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